Shedonist make good choices on their new single, ‘Bad Decisions’

Bad Decisions is the latest offering from LA based alt-rock band Shedonist, who are set to release their debut album this summer.

Shedonist’s third single ‘Bad Decisions‘ follows up from their debut track 5 Minutes, described as an anthem of female sexual empowerment. Toubi’s swelling vocals lend the single its weight, whilst bandmate Conor Spellane’s punchy lead guitar and backing vocals lend the track an unmistakably American feel.

Taking their cues from bands like Kitten Forever and fellow Los Angeles natives L7, Shedonist are the ones to watch on the soft-punk, alt-rock scene. Persian-American singer-songwriter Jasmin Toubi leads the group, and according to the band this single is the results of “a night of questionable activities in the City of Angels”.

Bad Decisions [is] about owning up to and laughing at your mistakes, and admitting to yourself that you shouldn’t feel bad about your guilty pleasures. If something makes you feel good, do it. No regrets.

Shedonist, speaking to Bunny Music

Bad Decisions’ evokes a beer-scented, sweaty underground gig, and all the fun that comes with it. Laden with attitude, the song combines its core message of feminine liberation (“I do it ‘cause I can!”) with sideways lyrical glances at Louis Armstrong’s What a Wonderful World.

The band’s sense of humour – which can be seen elsewhere in a banjo cover of their song Daddy – really shines through in this single, and imbues it with light despite its dark-tempered lyricism.

It’s not always easy to find enjoyment in remembrance of our drunken or questionable decisions – Shedonist are here to argue that we should all be trying to do it anyway.

Their debut album is slated for release in Summer 2021.

Bad Decisions’ is out now. Stream Shedonist here: