Tara Noble’s indie-pop single ‘Feel Better’ is our Track of the Week

Melancholy yet rhythmic, Tara Noble’s spacey indie-pop single Feel Better is our Track of the Week.

Feel Better, replete with gritty synth and echoey, soulful harmonies, is Tara Noble’s first foray into the solo scene. As the front-woman of TASH and the bassist for Tally Spear, she’s used to playing alt-rock bangers. This up-tempo indie tune, then, could have been out of her comfort zone, but this single shows that she’s totally at home on the dance floor.

“This track [combines] the nostalgia for the way I
used to feel, and the fight within myself
with the way that I feel now”

Tara Noble

Fans of Okay Kaya, Family Friends and Public Practice will be all about this tune. Inspired by artists like Odette and London Grammar, Tara strikes the balance between moody (and, at this point in lockdown, pretty relatable) lyrics with a danceable, gently thumping bass.

A multi-instrumentalist based in London, Noble’s particular combination of youth and musical experience shines through in this arrangement, and the track moves through a number of moods to end of an uplifting note, a promise of joy after the turmoil of the preceding 12 months.

Paired with a sweet, teen-bedroom music video that is packed with reminiscences, this track is sure to move you, and encapsulates the confusing combination of hope and despair that so many of us have grown used to.

Feel Better is out now.

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