Electro-Folk duo RUMINA make a striking debut with single ‘N.B’

Manchester based electronic-folk duo, RUMINA, bless us with their debut single ‘N.B’ 

Despite being their first released single, RUMINA express incredible vulnerability for their fans and new listeners. ‘N.B’ explores mental health in a way that is relatable to most people, whilst still portraying a personal tale.

The vocals on the track are hauntingly beautiful, especially at moments layer harmonies are heard. The instrumentals, particularly the guitar, add another layer that make the listen even more smooth.

‘N.B’ will make the hairs on your arms stand up, or make you cry due to the naked emotions that are displayed in both the sound and lyricism.

Although the topic and inspiration of the track can be considered dark, the tone RUMINA sets in the track is calming and peaceful. Just imagine you’re at a beach or in a forest whilst listening and you will understand what I mean.

With their EP, ‘Botanica’, due to be released on June 4th, we are beyond excited to see what else is in store from a promising new band that isn’t afraid to let people view their deepest anxieties and feelings.

You can find RUMINA, and keep up an eye out for their debut EP here: