‘Cover To Cover’- A charity album waging war on misogyny in music

Today at Bunny Music we’re championing the unifying and heart-warming project ‘Cover To Cover’.

Advocating for all the wonderful women in Scotland’s Music scene; a collective of fearless female musicians come together to bring us a stunning collaborative album titled ‘Cover To Cover’.

The eclectic album features 13 of Scotland’s top female artists, each covering one another’s original songs.

The tracklist includes covers from Gefahrgeist, Jen Ella, Sarya, Olivia Thom, Ceiti, Amie Huckstep, Mima Merrow, Post Coal Prom Queen, Chiara Baillie, PINLIGHT, Jen Athan, Francesca Ortisi & Aurora Engine.

‘Cover To Cover’ collaborator- Olivia Thom

Each wonderful woman on the line-up brings their own sense of style, authenticity and individuality to the table. Creating quality tracks with a cause , ‘Cover To Cover’ is a striking project oozing fearless feminine talent.

‘Cover To Cover’ is a charity album from the female collective, aimed at highlighting the underrepresentation of female artists in Scottish music.

The inspiring collective are led by Fiona Liddell, a Scottish singer-songwriter and 1/2 of talented Dark-Pop/Electro duo Gefahgeist.

Fiona found herself horrified when she discovered Spotify’s “Scotify” playlist, one of the platform’s most followed Scottish music playlists, was comprised of a whopping 68.5% male artists.

Fiona Liddell

Fiona & Co highlight a problem that’s plagued the Music industry for (far) too long. Women In Ctrl’s 2020 report found women are vastly underrepresented in UK radio, with 81% of songs in the Top 100 airplay chart for the last year featuring men. Perhaps most shockingly female songwriters comprise 18% of the Top 100 airplay chart, while female producers make up just 3%.

It’s stats like these that bring just one phrase to mind, ‘disappointed but not surprised’. In a bid to lift the spirits of Scotland’s fellow female artists, Fiona brought together 12 other talents to collaborate and create the striking ‘Cover To Cover’ project.

P.S-We find Fiona’s ‘Local Heroes’ a much better source of Scottish talent!

The ‘Cover To Cover’ album is a wake-up call, a reminder that gender disparity in music is alive and kicking, and is a fearless threat that the all female line-up of ‘Cover To Cover’ are gunning for the fight.

In an industry where women are so frequently pitted against each other it’s fantastic to see a collective of talented female musicians coming together to make enchanting tracks, and all for a great cause.

‘Cover To Cover’ collaborator- Francesca Ortisi

At a time when being a women in the UK is less than great the ‘Cover To Cover’ project brought some warmth to our day, a smile to our face and a sense of pride in the endlessly talented female artists involved.

Waging war on misogyny in Music, ‘Cover To Cover’ is exactly the kind of project Bunny Music can get behind!

All proceeds from the ‘Cover To Cover’ go towards Scottish Women Inventing Music– a collection of female music creators and industry professionals based in Scotland, who are committed to achieving a level playing field for women and pushing for gender equality across the music industry.

Get the ‘Cover To Cover‘ album HERE.

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