Sterling Press bring us ‘Very Fun Times’ with latest single

Alternative Rockers Sterling Press make their dynamic debut with refreshing new single titled ‘Very Fun Times’.

The London based four-piece formed in the spring of 2020, in the midst of the apocalyptic pandemic, the group found solace in sound and began writing tracks. My word are we glad they did!

The result, a grooving and driving Alt-Rock single that is nothing short of sterling.

‘Very Fun Times’ is an energetic track, full of rolling drums, crunchy guitars and some strangely soothing harmonies. Sterling Press have that envious Brit-Rock sound, oozing a classic Rock feel we all know and love, with the added spice of a Pop-ish groove.

Full of flavour and flair Sterling Press give an enviable air of instrumental prowess, a group that KNOW how to work their sound and make musical magic.

Sterling Press is made up of talents Ed Higgins (guitar, vocals), Greg Smith (guitar, vocals), Marlon Reynier (bass, vocals) and Lucien Ismael (drums). Together, Sterling Press achieve nothing less than Indie perfection.

With striking single ‘Very Fun Times’ making waves, Sterling Press seem to be on a (rocking) roll that shows no sign of stopping.

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