Lohrd Snohw’s ‘Split Lip’ is a creepy masterpiece

Not for the faint of heart, Lohrd Snohw brings us a deeply dark and intensely intriguing new single ‘Split Lip’.

Over the last few months we’ve come to know and love the curious Lohrd Snohw; a UK based songwriter and producer carving out a weird yet wonderful Art-Pop sound. Previous releases ‘Dogs’ and recent collaboration with fellow female producer Kate Brunotts ‘Call Me Deadly’ have quickly established Lohrd Snohw as one-to-watch in the Alt-Indie scene.

Unafraid of experimentation and boundary pushing, ‘Split Lip’ is another creepy single full of eclectic electronic elements, haunting harmonies and some engrossing lyricism.

‘Split Lip’ has intense atmosphere, like a looming dark cloud, the track preys on the listener and creates an enthralling storm of sound. The Lohrd Snohw signature of insane instrumentality is ever-present, complimented perfectly by the polished co-production of Kate Brunotts.

” ‘Split Lip’ questions whether you are being honest with yourself and what you are doing is for the best, or if it is just self-sabotage…I like the idea of the last bit of the song being a door off the train that’s obsessed with analysis. It’s an elegant way of saying get going, who cares if you pick up a few scratches along the way.”

Lohrd Snohw on new track ‘Split Lip’

Lohrd Snohw’s spellbinding vocals and chillingly beautiful harmonies set a soothing yet scary scene. Atmospheric and alarming Lohrd Snohw’s sound is nothing short of cinematic.

Vivid and dark ‘Split Lip’ sends chills down our spine and somehow we’re still not complaining.

Few are brave enough to push genre boundaries and style norms to their very limits, yet Lohrd Snohw embraces that weirdness, that innovation that borders on insanity. Her intense, captivating and experimental sound is a result of her unique willingness to experiment endlessly in her musical endeavours.

Like nothing you will have heard before Lohrd Snohw is a true innovator in the game, and one you NEED to have your eye on.

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