Teamwork makes the dreamwork- Lohrd Snohw and Kate Brunotts bring us outstanding single ‘Call Me Deadly’

Curious, alluring and effortlessly cool, new single ‘Call Me Deadly’ is a truly extraordinary piece of work.

Combining the talents of powerhouses Lohrd Snohw and Kate Brunotts ‘Call Me Deadly’ is a electro-infused soundscape of musical goodness.

Innovative electronic percussion, ethereal vocals and heavenly harmonic contrast make ‘Call Me Deadly’ a bizarrely beautiful single.

To box this track into a singular genre would be classified as a creative crime. A signature of Lohrd Snohw’s sound has been her refusal to obey the rules of genre; drawing influence from everywhere and anywhere it’s this eclectic blend of styles that make ‘Call Me Deadly’ a remarkable single.

Complimented perfectly by the talents of Kate Brunotts, this duo are ferocious. Like Daphne and Velma solving a Scooby-Doo mystery, this dynamic pairing are unstoppable in their mission to bring us great music.

We were fortunate enough to grab five with Lohrd Snohw and Kate Brunotts to discuss ‘Call Me Deadly’.

How did the two of you first get introduced?

Kate- To be honest, I don’t even remember. Were we on the same playlist? Was it through Instagram? Beats me, regardless I’m so happy Cazzie and I crossed paths. It’s rare that you find musicians who are exceptionally creative but also have the work ethic to back it up.

LS- I think it was through the promotional platform of ‘indiemusicwomen’? but basically Instagram. Sometimes it feels like my life is organised through Instagram DMs. If you see someone doing something cool, tell them you think it’s cool because you might have the utter shock- like I did with Kate- of them thinking what you’re doing is quite cool too. And then you can make sweet, sweet music together.

Lohrd Snohw

What prompted you to make a track together?

Kate- Whenever I come across producers who aren’t afraid to step across boundary lines but also understand the importance of the technicalities of production, I almost always want to work with them. Lohrd Snohw screams innovation in the best way— When I heard her track “Dogs”, I knew we had to create something together.

LS-I knew I wanted to work with Kate because her music sounded like everything I had been dreaming of but didn’t know if there was a scene for. Her tracks, like ‘Two Minutes’, know how to press all the right buttons with that textural electronic thing that feels like adrenaline. I’ve spent the last year exploring what female vocalists do in the electronica space, and once I found Kate I kinda just thought she’d be an artist and producer I admired, watched and learnt from, from afar. Instead I got a friend and collaborator!

Kate Brunotts

‘Call Me Deadly’ has a very curious tone to it, what’s the track about from your perspective(s)?

Kate-‘Call Me Deadly’ is about reclaiming your power. I feel as though I’m painted as ‘egocentric’ or pursuing a frivolous path as a female producer sometimes since isn’t what people are used to seeing. For me, this song is about accepting that take, acknowledging that the perspective might exist, but that doesn’t mean it has to debilitate me. ‘Call Me Deadly’ shouts ‘Here I am, take it or leave it.’

LS-When Kate sent across the first verse, continuing her energy came naturally. I feel like, with the loneliness of this last year especially, it is so easy to platform the wrong voices. If you have all this extra time, you second guess everything. So when I was writing I was imagining the catharsis of detaching yourself from another person that is that wrong voice (even though, to be honest, I’m often my own worst enemy). I was thinking about muscles flexing newfound strength, having that final word in a matter then closing it, and the euphoria of realising if you step out of a certain headspace you will see your own power.

The track is full of experimental elements, how do you keep your sound so innovative and dynamic?

Kate-I think it’s just about having the courage to step outside the bounds of what you’ve heard before. There’s a very fine line between insanity and innovation, so not all risks will be worth it. When producing, I try to be as brave and authentic as I can…

LS-Creating sounds that you can feel has been my ambition since I started self-production. I just love texture and highly strung emotions- they’re so invigorating. And because I’ve learnt to produce (by no means as well as Kate might I clarify, the TALENT on her) by trial and error and teaching myself, maybe I don’t approach it in any regimented way… I just follow my ears and my feelings, and spend a lot of time trawling through field recordings and chopping samples up.

What was it liking working together? Was it a creative battle or a seamless collab?

Kate-I’d say it was pretty seamless! I think we both really enjoy each other’s work on an individual basis so finding something that worked for the two of us wasn’t difficult at all.

LS- I second that! We were working together in the first place because we like what each other do. It was seamless, and incredibly exciting. I’ve been buzzed off this track for months.

The most pressing question of all, could we be seeing more collaborations in the future?

Kate-YES! Looking forward to making many more tracks with THE Lohrd Snohw and others in the new year.

LS- Just you wait. A little bit of crazy, a little bit of lovely. It’s coming for you.

Accomplished and eclectic, ‘Call Me Deadly’ has a sound like no other. Produced to perfection and ruthless in its quest to make you question, explore and breathe in its mythical musical atmosphere.

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