Following on from the success of their debut single, Skelly bring us full EP ‘Sentiment’

Soulful sibling duo Skelly made their musical debut last year, with the release of their very first single ‘Sentiment’.

The Alt-R&B, Jazz infused track was a true stand-out debut for Skelly, a power packed single full of rich vocals, radiant runs and blissful brass sections.

One thing is for certain, single ‘Sentiment’ left us wanting more. Ready to satisfy our hunger, Skelly are back to bring us the full Sentiment EP.

The Sentiment project is a sturdy line-up of 4 tracks packed full of bodacious lyricism and sensational arrangements.

The EP kicks off with lead single ‘Sentiment’, a smooth yet assertive track bursting at the seams with fearless feminine energy from vocalist Emma, and true instrumental ability from collaborator Seb. You can read our full review of track ‘Sentiment’ here.

We then move into Barred, a moody single that fills our ears with gloomy piano chords, richly deep vocals and nimble brass sections.

Barred is full of quick-witted word-smithery, a dingy tone contrasted perfectly by the track’s bright and lively trumpets.

The bodacious Barred brings with it another defiant message from vocalist Emma, a rejection of the everyday unwanted advances faced by womxn.

The fiery, feminist themes of Barred are delivered with dazzling instrumental; the impactful brass sections accumulating into a truly anthemic feel. Packing a punch both lyrically and musically Barred lights a fire in your belly you won’t want to put out.

Bringing a bouncier feel to the EP, Can’t Sleep, is a glossy and glamorous number from Skelly.

Sophisticated and understated, Can’t Sleep is effortlessly smooth and silky. The track’s light tone and lively movement creates a free flowing and animated track that would make even the most dreary days a little brighter.

Emma’s deliciously rich vocals are lullaby worthy, with harmonies derived from the heavens Can’t Sleep is a gleeful addition to the Sentiment EP lineup.

Sentiment rounds off with the emotive Bubblewrap. An acrobatic piano section brings us into the track, soon joined by Emma’s charming vocals to create a glittering soundscape.

Bubblewrap is a beaming ballad, a heartening single that closes the Sentiment EP on a delicate note.

Like the end of a film that has you crying buckets, Bubblewrap will tug at your heart strings yet leave you strangely satisfied by the magic you have just witnessed.

The Sentiment EP truly flows as a project, with a brawny beginning that comes in blazing and bright; tracks Sentiment and Barred are forceful and free, establishing a fierce and kinetic movement to the project.

Sentiment soon morphs into a softer tone, cascading into soothing singles that demonstrate Skelly’s immense musical versatility.

Cohesive and complete, the Sentiment EP is a faultless collection of tracks. Each element entirely deliberate, with not a note or line out of place, the project is true perfection.

Skelly bring a frankly authentic style to the table, combining their classical training with modern flair to create a sound incomparable to anything else you’ll find.

The duo have certified finesse, elegant delivery and musical expertise that oozes quality into their sound.

Skelly are a must-listen.

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