Flowing and fearless, Lisa Danaë’s latest single ‘Weigh Me Down’ feels like freedom

Talented Electro-Pop Princess Lisa Danaë brings us a fresh single to kick off the new year with, titled Weigh Me Down.

Bold as Brass Weigh Me Down is a freeing track all about letting go, feeling good and taking a weight off your shoulders.

Much like that fresh start feeling as we move into the new year, Weigh Me Down is a spirited single from California native Lisa Danaë. Just the energy you’ll want to carry with you in 2021.

Combining that classically brilliant Pop vocal style with electronic percussion and some punchy lyricism; Lisa Danaë is the definition of a Pop princess.

Powerful and forthright Lisa is on a mission to empower others with her infectious melodies and unforgettable hooks.

We had a quick chat with Lisa to understand, in her own words, what inspired Weigh Me Down.

“This song was originally inspired by the phrase ‘it is what it is’. A girl named jaen and I discussed the difference between being jealous and being envious of someone.

We drew from my personal experience being an independent artist and how I tend to compare myself to my peers on social media.

Neither of us like that phrase ‘it is what it is’, so we decided to write more of a feel good song and the emotional release you feel when you let go of things out of control.

Weigh Me Down is a motivating ‘kick up the arse’ track we all need to get into gear, let go of negative thoughts and embrace a new year and new beginnings.

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