Soulful and smooth, Akemi Fox’s Your Love is our Track of the Week

Full of flow and flair, Akemi Fox’s latest release Your Love is a soulful masterpiece from the UK talent.

With an intricate beat, glossy chords and Akemi’s signature smooth vocals Your Love is a polished to perfection Alt-R&B track.

Akemi’s soothing vocal style is true healing, a sultry blend of deep tone with effortlessly soft delivery we could listen all day long.

Your Love is a follow up to Akemi’s stunning previous 2020 single Lemon Tea, putting Akemi on the path to success and establishing her as one of UK R&B’s most promising new artists.

And there’s no better time to get to know Akemi Fox, as the young talent is set to release her first ever EP on 11th December.

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