Ushering in a new wave of DIY R&B, Kenya Grace releases new solo project

Fearlessly independent and endlessly talented, R&B songstress Kenya Grace has released an electrifying masterpiece.

Mixtape_001 is a collection of 5 Alt-R&B tracks, written, produced and mastered by Kenya Grace herself. The solo venture is clear demonstration of Kenya’s vocal prowess, musical ability and technical knowledge.

Packed full of talent and innovation, Kenya’s sound is a perfect blend between her soft, ethereal vocals and synth heavy instrumentals.

Combining the silky smooth feel of R&B with the grooving energy of Electro, Kenya Grace’s music is a sultry soundscape.

Highlights on the project include ‘Interlude’, the most stripped back track from Mixtape_001 that depicts Kenya’s immense vocal ability as she riffs and runs over a punchy beat. And Fast Lane, a sadly beautiful track full of flowing synths, bright guitars and some truly heavenly harmonies.

We had a quick chat with Kenya Grace to find out more about the project and her future plans.

Your latest project Mixtape_001 is a completely solo venture, is this how you normally make music?

“I usually start all my songs by myself, I think I feel the most free when I’m just on my laptop in my room! I love how we can create so much with just a computer these days!

I love collaborating too, it’s just a different process! At the moment I’m lucky enough to be working with some amazing producers and writers on some really exciting projects which will be out next year!”

Single ‘Intro’ felt like the soundtrack to an old-school romance film, did you set out to make the listener feel a certain way with the track?

“I’m so happy you got that from the intro! I guess I wanted to play on the idea of a “mix tape” and bring in some vintage vibes but also give it my own modern spin by adding some synths etc.”

Kenya’s innovative approach in beats and production is what gives her sound such a distinct style. Infusing ambitious and intriguing synths and pads into her tracks that truly push the boundaries of traditional R&B and make Kenya Grace a stand-out artist in the genre.

Do you have a favourite track from the project?

“I think the one that holds special meaning to me is actually the interlude because its actually a voice note I recorded of me and my friends playing together at uni! You can hear us talking in the background and it brings back really nice memories for me!”

What’s your experience been like so far as a womxn in Music?

“Throughout my time in the industry I never really saw any female producers and I think it’s time for that to change! So at the moment I’m really focusing on my production & writing as it’s something I really enjoy but have never really had the confidence to actually pursue.”

And Kenya is not mistaken. Recent report from Women In Ctrl found that just 3% of producers from the Top 100 Airplay Chart of 2020 were female identifying.

It’s certainly time for change, and artists like Kenya Grace firmly in the driving seat of their sound help pave the way to put more women in all areas of music.

On a roll and showing no sign of stopping, Kenya Grace has plenty more music on the way.

I have lots more projects I have been working on coming out next year and I can’t wait to share them all!

You can listen to Mixtape_001 HERE

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