Skelly’s debut release ‘Sentiment’ makes a statement

Get ready to groove. Sibling duo Skelly make their debut with single ‘Sentiment’ and it’s nothing short of greatness.

The Jazz infused track is a soulful and smooth collection of brass sections, deep vocals and punchy lyricism the world needs to hear.

Sentiment’s brassy opening statement lets you know this isn’t just another Pop release. Fusing some of Jazz’s most discernible features with a soulful pop vocal style and modern R&B influence, Sentiment creates the perfect blend between old and new.

Employing an old school feel into a track full of fearless feminine energy only experienced in modern times, Sentiment is a unique single that is driving in its own lane.

Accompanied by some black and white visuals Skelly re-affirm their ability to embrace classical styles whilst creating sounds that remain new and innovative.

Sentiment is a statement that will resonate with womxn around the world. A defiance of the male gaze, cat calling and everyday harassment faced by womxn. Delivered with sweetly smooth vocals, Skelly’s message remains a powerful declaration.

“And I do not appreciate the Sentiment behind you coming up to me to try touch my body.”


Born out of bad experience, Sentiment was inspired by the ever annoying experience of being cat called. Pissed off, to put it plainly, vocalist Emma went home to create what would become Sentiment’s moody yet grooving chorus/hook.

“I had a message and a story that I wanted to share and singing is the best and most organic way I know how.”

Emma Skelly

Originality in an oversaturated music market is no easy feat, creating a sound that audiences haven’t heard before proves an almost impossible challenge when listeners have the whole world of music at their fingertips.

Yet Skelly achieve a sound that is not only original, but authentic. A fusion of their classical training, musical prowess and modern influence that creates a track of pure brilliance.

A blend of old and new that gives us the best of both worlds, and a stunning debut single that knows how to make a statement.

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