Track of the week- Kyetoba’s “Drag Your Feet”

Gritty and moody, Kyetoba’s guitar heavy single Drag Your Feet is our track of the week.

Drag Your Feet is a driving, Alt-Rock track from the talented Kyetoba. Deeply scratchy guitars contrast perfectly with Kyetoba’s heavenly vocals as she harmonises over a raucous rock instrumental.

It’s music of this quality that has landed Kyetoba plays on BBC Music Introducing as well as a spot on their ‘Hotlist’.

Rock is a genre greatly lacking female representation, a music scene that rarely features female instrumentalists and vocalists its up there with one of the least progressive genres (sorry not sorry).

Kyetoba has stormed onto the scene as a solo, independent female artist ready and raring to make her name in the genre. With copious amounts of flair, grit and nerve Kyetoba truly is a force to be reckoned with.

We caught up with the talented Kyetoba to find out a little more about her journey into music.

How did you come to write ‘Drag Your Feet’?

“Drag your feet was written just before lock-down started. I had just graduated and due to a family emergency I was in a position where I felt very alone… There was this growing ‘Fear of missing out’ which is what the song felt as if it was expressing. This idea of others moving on and progressing whilst you feel as if you yourself are not.

I turned my bedroom into a studio setup, going through different mics and recorded this track as well as my Debut EP in February. The response to ‘Drag Your Feet’ has been really heart-warming, even being featured on BBC Introducing. I am so grateful to everyone who’s given it a listen and save.”

What’s is like as a soloist in Music?

“I wanted to join bands in university but nobody was keen on adding a violinist to the line-up so I just kept on writing songs for myself. Being a solo act has been really fun too though! Doing everything myself has been a really valuable learning curve and got me into learning production, tech, guitar and bass.”

How did you find yourself in the Alt-Rock genre?

“I grew up learning classical violin and loving all types of rock music. In my experience, very early on in my life, I witnessed a lack of representation for people of colour in the genres I listened to and this left me feeling disheartened as a child.

I sadly had adults in my life that told me that I should not try to pursue the arts because my skin colour meant that I wouldn’t get chosen for opportunities. There is so much talent out there in all communities that should be celebrated. Representation is so important. It’s inclusive and inspirational. Everyone deserves to have their voice heard.”

Fearless and driven, Kyetoba is paving the way for greater representation in Rock, and becoming a true innovator of the genre. Showing no sign of stopping, Kyetoba is set to bring us a new single title Lemonade out on December 18th to heat up those gloomy winter nights.

You can pre-save Lemonade HERE

It’s trailblazers like Kyetoba that restore my faith in Rock and make me excited for what the future may hold for the genre once storm Kyetoba has swept in.

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