Dark Pop songstress Stelahr brings us a stand-out new single ‘Starz’

Smooth, subtle yet effortless stunning, Stelahr’s latest single is a true masterpiece.

Starz is an eerie and atmospheric Pop track from the talented Stelahr, a single that feels almost haunting in nature but remains beautiful in sound.

Stuttering synths contrast perfectly with a smooth vocal style to create what Bunny Music feel is a completely faultless track.

Stelahr is a songstress who has spent time nurturing her talent between London & Berlin. Two undeniably musically rich cities, it’s no surprise Stelahr is bursting at the seams with musical prowess and stylistic flair.

Having been uploading music online since the tender age of 15 Stelahr’s sound has been an ever evolving artistic project, eventually bringing her to the coveted Leeds Conservatoire at the age of 19. It’s here that she met Nothing But Thieves collaborator Jim Irvin, who co-wrote the dark Pop track Starz.

We had a quick chat with Stelahr to find out a little more about her…

So talk to us, how did you get started in Music?

“I was born into a musical family – there is not a member of my family that isn’t a professional musician! I was trained classically on the piano, cello and voice but connected with pop music in a much more emotional way, so I started writing songs when I was fourteen.”

And how did ‘Starz’ come to be?

“Starz is actually the first co-written track I’ve ever released, as I am much more of a solo writer usually. However around the time of writing Starz I was in correspondence with the songwriter Jim Irvin, who heard my demo of it and embellished it with his own ideas.

As with all my other songs I co-produced it with the Berlin based producer Edgar Moller. We work in a studio in Berlin together and he is my only regular collaborator – I like to keep my writing/producing circle small.”

What’s the vision for Stelahr, do you have any dreams for your music?

My artistic vision for my music is mainly to inspire people to see beauty in everything. I think it’s one of our gifts as musicians to be able to to turn bad/boring/sad experiences into something beautiful in the form of music. In terms of career goals, I think it would be a dream to write a soundtrack for one of my favourite directors – Tim Burton, Henry Selick or Baz Luhrmann.

I love the idea of contributing to the construction of a movie universe as they are such a huge inspiration to the music I write.

I would also love to collaborate with people like James Blake or Frank Ocean – two artists who tend to have very interesting production mixed with incredible songwriting and a feeling for how to build a mood.

Wondering how Stelahr made such a stand-out track? Listen to the playlist that helped her do it! Packed full of tracks she listened to whilst making her masterpiece.

There’s just something about Stelahr. A sense of independence and authenticity that oozes from her artistry. A Pop artist who brings a style to the genre that’s darker, eerier and weirder in the best way possible.

We can’t wait to see what she does next.

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