Eiza Murphy releases stunning debut single ‘Blackhole’

2020 has been a rollercoaster to say the least. A year full of ups and (mostly) downs it’s been tough to see the positives of this year to remember. Yet if there’s one good thing to come from months of lockdown it’s the plethora of incredible music written under the most extreme circumstances.

Blackhole, debut single from Eiza Murphy, just so happens to be one of these tracks. The definition of a power ballad, Blackhole is a stunning debut single from Irish singer-songwriter Eiza. A dark yet gentle track that tells an apocalyptic love story, strangely fitting for the year we’ve all been experiencing.

With hauntingly beautiful lyricism, smooth yet powerful vocals and a flawless production style Blackhole truly is the full package.

Having been release just a few days ago (15th Oct) the single has quickly made waves across radio & publications worldwide, hitting number 1 on the Irish Itunes Singles chart and featuring on popular platform Music Crowns.

Eiza Murphy is a force to be reckoned with, a songstress with flair, passion and power Eiza is an artist we feel truly excited about.

We caught up with the wonderful Eiza Murphy to find out a little more about her.

Talk to me about your debut single, how did Blackhole come to life?

“I wrote Blackhole months ago when the forest fires were raging in Australia. I had a bit of a panic moment, and that was before covid-19 had hit! I was in my flat in London and I just started writing. It’s an apocalyptic love song, a dark love song about the world ending. Thankfully it’s not ending, but I thought people might be able to connect with some of the emotions in the song because I think we’ve all had a bit of a panic recently. My sister Lenii then produced the track a few months later when we were in lockdown.”

Was there any collaboration involved when making Blackhole?

“Yes! I was actually at a session one night in in London with Matthew Marston, we’d been doing vocals all day and decided to try a bit of writing. We played around with some chords and it didn’t really go too far but I had this melody stuck in my head and by the next day it was still there. I fleshed out the song and created Blackhole. Then my sister, Lenii, jumped on the project, she’s a great producer. It’s so easy to work with her because I can tell her how it is and be truly honest. I love working with her it’s just easy.”

We love the Blackhole music video which is out super soon, how did you create it?

“So there’s an abandoned bus graveyard in Cork, where I live. I don’t know if I should put this on record but the land is technically private! I saw it online and we had to jump through a ditch to get to the place but it was perfect. It took three visits to get the shots. The first visit it was lashing with rain, the second we heard someone coming and panicked but finally we managed to shoot the footage. It’s terrifying there! In the middle of nowhere. Covid-19 meant I couldn’t have a director for the video as planned, so my sister and boyfriend filmed it for me, it was very DIY. The video was shared on Music Crowns which is amazing.”

How does it feel to have finally released your debut single?

“It feels amazing! I was resisting for so long and waiting for so long. I always thought I’d have everything set up, have a full team behind me etc. I actually realised you can’t wait, you can’t procrastinate and you can’t expect things to start happening until your music is out there! I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. It’s scary too but mostly exciting.”

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So what’s next for you and your music?

“The next stop is another new single, called ‘Taxi’. It’ll be coming soon so stay tuned. I’ve got a few more single lined up and I’m going to see where that takes me.”

Blackhole is a truly stunning single. Emotive and powerful it’s hard to believe this Eiza’s first ever release. With all the vocal prowess and storytelling of a musical veteran this is clearly plenty more to come from this incredible artist.

Stream Blackhole HERE.

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