Kamarane is a star on the rise

I am honoured to be introducing a new artist to the world.

Kamarane is a London born and bred singer-songwriter, ready to make her artist debut in the industry.

This soulful youngster is bursting with character, talent and potential. An R&B artist and songwriter whose been quietly honing her craft whilst she gets ready to share her music with the world.

Bunny Music caught up with Kamarane, to find out a little more about her music and what we can expect from the star on the rise.

The first thing that strikes you about Kamarane is her vibrancy. A character that is warm and infectious, Kamarane is an expressive youngster whose personality is stand out alone.

Let’s talk a little about you Kami, where did you grow up and how did you get started in Music?

“I grew up in London, South London if you want to be specific! I lived in a small area surrounded by a great set of friends, each and every one of them has been so supportive of me.

I’ve always have a supportive network around me from when I was young. I remember the first time I went to stage coach, I was 11, and it led to an audition and my first ever role on stage.

Once I got on stage I just couldn’t stop smiling, I was so full of happiness and adrenaline and I instantly knew I loved it and that this was where I needed to be.”

Kamarane was born to be a creative, confident and vibrant, the young singer-songwriter’s talents go beyond just music venturing into acting, dance and beyond.

Recognised for her many talents, Kamarane left mainstream school for the performing arts world at just 14 years old, eventually going on to audition for and obtain a place at the coveted Italia Conti where she is now in her final year of study.

When did music first start to enter into your life?

“My Mum has always been very musical. I grew up listening to 60s and 70s music, I don’t remember a time in my life where music wasn’t present. My earliest memory is music.

I’m an old soul, I love Nina Simone, Etta James, Odis Reading. I want my music to have that nostalgic feel to it, in a similar way that Amy Winehouse embodied that old style of music. She helped show a younger audience how beautiful that old style of music is, Amy is one of my biggest inspirations.”

You write all of your own music, when did you realise this was something you could do?

“Since I was young I’ve always been improvising with worlds and making up random little riffs. My Mum would turn to me and ask me what I was singing, she could hardly believe I was just making it up in my head.

I used to get a bit embarrassed about it until I started hearing Billie Eilish, when she released Ocean Eyes I realised she was the same age as me. Something clicked, why am I not doing this? And since then I pursued it further.”

Writing music is a way for Kamarane to express the world around her. Like many Gen Z musicians, she keeps voice notes of little riffs, adlibs and melodies that often form the inspiration for her music.

“Sometimes I do just get a sudden spark of inspiration. I take my own pain and put it through my music. I do that so people can feel something and, just for a minute, can escape their own world.

I want music people can relate to and almost feel it’s written for them. I do it to release how I feel but also if it can touch someone else that’s another achievement for me.”

What’s it like for a young woman about to enter the industry? Is it motivating or intimidating?

“As a young black woman, going into an industry like music at first was definitely a bit intimidating. I felt nervous. But I don’t think about myself, I think about the little black girls that are sitting at home and have to flick to a certain channel just to be able to see representation, to see themselves.

I want to be that girl they see on the screen and feel like anything is possible for them. And I used to worry, am I nervous about doing this. But now I realise I’m more motivated.

It may be a bumpy ride but I don’t just want myself to get up, I want to help other black artists to get up. I want to make my way in the industry so I can help other people from other under-represented groups get up in the industry. Women, non binary people, people from the LGBTQ+ community. I want to help all these groups get up, and that is what gives me my motivation.”

Inspiring, and so necessary, despite her young age Kamarane has digested all the challenges of the world and allowed them to motivate her forward. With values that align perfectly with the Bunny Music platform, Kamarane is exactly the kind of person the music industry needs right now.

“We need to figure out more ways for representation, better representation. Right now it’s not enough, the creative industries need to do better.”

Your first release is coming up, what can we expect from your music?

“It’s definitely an R&B vibe, the track is very calm but will hopefully make people listen to the lyrics.

I hope people will really pay attention to the words and feel something from it. Fingers crossed we’ll be releasing in early October.

I’m nervous for people to hear it but at the same time I do thrive off hate and criticism. Being black I learnt how to laugh it off, not take it too seriously and just let it motivate me.

I’m excited for the people that like the track, and for people to finally hear me. “

We’re so excited for Kamarane’s first release and introduction to the world of music. A young singer-songwriter full of passion, vibrancy and talent Kamarane’s release will certainly not be one to miss.

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