Soulful, ethereal and emotive, Erika Ascenzo has a sound that demands to be heard

Soulful, ethereal and emotive Erika Ascenzo has a truly magical sound to her music. 

The Australian based singer-songwriter radiates warmth and positivity in every step she takes, with a soulful R&B style infused with a touch of nostalgia, the first moment I heard Erika’s music I knew I had to feature her. 

I feel blessed to be bringing you an interview with the wonderful and warm Erika Ascenzo, to find out a little more about Erika and her music. 

First of all let’s talk a little bit about you Erika!

“I always loved to sing but was a little shy as a child. Towards the end of school I ended up recording my first ever demo.

After school I took a year out, telling myself I needed to figure out what I wanted to do but really that was code for am I confident and strong enough to follow my passion? That’s when I announced to my family, friends and I guess the world that this was what I wanted to do. “

Erika Ascenzo could’ve even been a fellow music business woman, considering her career options and even interning at Mushroom Group in Melbourne.

“I had to decide whether I wanted to be behind the scenes or the person at the front. Mushroom Group was incredible, I was fully immersed and wore so many hats in the industry. But I quickly realised I wanted to do this as an artist.”

Like so many fellow creatives Erika has had to work to fund her music, a careful balance between passion and practicality creatives know all too well.

“I’ve done full time work to fund my passion but over the last few years I’ve thrown myself into music in any way I can.”

Erika’s done it all, from releasing an EP independently, to working with Sony Australian, the songstress has a wealth of experience and knowledge gained from her time spent chasing her passion.

Bound Erika’s second and latest single is really the Music she’s been seeking to create, the beginning of her story and exactly what she wants to release into the world. An easy and smooth R&B track but with so much soul infused into it.

Talk to me about Bound, how did the single come to life?

“Before I’d even got the studio I had an idea in my head. A massive influence on my music has always been Marvin Gaye, I love the way he writes and he was played throughout my entire childhood.

I loved the fact that there was an artist who wrote in a worldly manner, there’s no protagonist, it’s not always a love story, it’s worldly. There’s layers to his sentences and my dream has been to write in a way that allows the listener to take and draw upon their own feelings and memories when listening to my music.”

Your latest track Bound is a soulful single, what inspired the song?

“It’s about not being Bound to a person, a place or a feeling. It’s about letting go of something that you feel is holding you back and making you fearful of being authentically who you are.”

Erika writes ALL of her own music, a creative outburst she uses not only to express herself, but to connect the world to her music.

‘I’m quite a big talker, I express a lot day to day to my beautiful mum, or my friends. My music can be sparked by something I’m going through but I always write with the listener in mind, I’m thinking what emotion or feeling do I want to give to the souls out there in the world.

If I can even transcend a single moment for one person, for me that just feels so special. I love the idea of escapism.’

Bunny Music is all about celebrating women in creative spaces, mainly because I can appreciate how testing it is. What has it been like for you as a woman in the industry thus far?

It’s been incredibly eye opening, I’ve now realised over the last few years, whoever I end up working with in the industry I just want to be viewed and respected as a human being.

I’ve now realised as a woman within the industry and to have a voice is to be as strong as you can be, to always walk in with conviction and not worry about what other people are thinking. The more conviction I have the better the outcome has always been.

What’s next for you? Can we expect some new music soon?

As soon as I can get back into the studio I’ll be working on an EP which is so exciting, i can’t wait to build a body of work on my own. I’m huge on collaborating, others have so much to give to us and we have so much to give to others and there is SO much to learn from the people around me.

So I’m working with another artist, Georgia Caine, on a project to connect more souls within the creative industries. I’m continually immersing myself in the creative world, whatever that may be.

Check out Erika’s song recommendation!

“Her vocals are so unassuming at the start and she hits this moment that’s so full of vibration you feel like it’s a hymn at a church. I love the beat underneath it and the visuals she did for it.”

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