The next wave of UK R&B- Kehina’s latest single All Over Again is a soulful masterpiece

Uk artist Kehina has released her latest single All Over Again, and it’s nothing short of incredible.

Soulful and ethereal, Kehina’s vocals are the stuff of dreams. Hauntingly beautiful harmonies, bright guitars and a lively beat make All Over Again one of the best R&B tracks we’ve heard all year.

Born and raised in London and of Algerian, Sudanese and Turkish descent Kehina truly is a child of the world. Blending this rich range of influence into a sound that challenges the boundaries of genre.

Kehina seamlessly fuses elements of R&B, Soul, Pop and Blues into an effortlessly unique sound that sets her apart as one of the greatest talents emerging in the UK scene.

We were fortunate to catch up with the talented Kehina and get a little more insight on All Over Again

All Over Again is another stunning, soulful single from yourself, what inspired the track and how did ‘All Over Again’ come about?

When I was younger, I would go on holiday with my family. We would land in a hot country and as soon as I step foot outside of the airport, free of the air con, a wall of heat would hit my senses.

Ever since then I would associate this hazy feeling with a childlike wonder ready to explore a foreign land. Just brings me back to a moment where I’m just experiencing this heat and nothing else, all my previous anxieties from life melt away.

With this song I tried to capture this feeling and how I spend my life seeking those subtle moments of peace again.

The instrumentation and production on the track is fantastic, did you work with anyone on the single or are you a one woman show?

I’m lucky I have a good creative flow with @dilushselva. Ever since we met we’ve just have this synergy of ideas which elevates both our productions. He comes from more of a Hip hop and contemporary RnB side of production and I come from a alternative RnB and indie production. So when our ideas meet it creates something new, which is something we both seek in our music.

I like working with people like Dil because they’re not afraid to share the production space. They aren’t afraid of just trying new ideas even if they don’t work. I enjoy working with people who don’t get stuck between production or songwriter labels but just let the creative energy flow in order to make a piece of art that’s new.

What has it been like for you trying to make it in music and does the industry feel daunting at times?

I think the biggest reason why I decided to study music production at university was so that I would never feel duped by any producer or label.

I would learn the tools to express myself technically in this industry and through that I’d be able to create art I felt represented me fully and truly. To me that is of the highest importance. That’s what I’m doing it for.

I feel like the industry is starting to open up to female producers in way that I think is encouraging and I feel proud to be apart of this change in my own way.

Fools will try tell you the R&B genre is dead, but they clearly haven’t heard Kehina yet.

Listen to All Over Again HERE

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