Alt-Pop brilliance, Rori’s debut EP ‘Dream Crush’ is a work of art

Experimental, eclectic and eccentric, Rori is exactly the kind of artist Pop music has been missing.

A London based singer-songwriter not afraid to push the boundaries of genre, Rori’s latest release ‘Dream Crush’ is a 7-track wonder project. With a sound that leaves you equal parts pleased and confused (in the best way possible), we sat down with the talented Rori to quiz him on the ‘Dream Crush’ EP.

Dream Crush is your first ever release as Rori is that correct? How long has Dream Crush been in the making?

‘I’ve been producing music since around 2016, going under a bunch of different names and making a bunch of different genres, but yes, this is my first release as Rori and I think I’ve finally found a sound and name that I’m comfortable sticking with.

The timeline for Dream Crush is a little strange, songs like Ultragore and Femme Fantasy are from about a year ago, but the majority of the songs were made between February and August.’

If the global pandemic has blessed us with anything, it’s the plethora of incredible new Music produced in bedroom studios across the globe.

Rori explains his music making process-

‘My process varies quite a lot, sometimes I’ll come up with a vocal melody in my head and try to compose an instrumental around it, and sometimes I’ll just be experimenting with some synths or vocal samples and end up writing something I like the sound of. In terms of writing vocals, I always start with a melody or flow and then try to write lyrics to fit into it.’

Now if there’s one thing that will strike you when listening to Rori’s Dream Crush, it’s an intense sense of originality and uniqueness that flows from his sound.

I just had to know how he manages to infused such individuality into the typically generic ‘Pop’ sound.

Putting originality back into the Pop genre, Rori explains how-

‘I feel like a lot of my ‘originality’ just comes from taking parts of other genres that I enjoy, such as drum beats or chord progressions, and trying to transfer them into my genre.

I think my style is very much a sum of its influences, but when you’re drawing inspiration from such a broad range of material and warping those ideas into a completely different genre you end up with a sound that is very unique to you.’

The meaning of the intriguing project that is Dream Crush is very much open to interpretation, a point of importance to Rori

‘ I quite like to leave the meaning behind my music open to interpretation so that people can relate to it in their own way, and I think it kinda kills that relatability if I explicitly say “This song is about this specific personal experience”.

But I will say that unrequited love and distant romance are definitely underlying themes of the EP, and a lot of the songs were written during a recent heartbreak. So whilst the subject matter is certainly very personal to me, I like to think that people listening might see a different message to the one I see and relate to the album in their own personal way.’

But what’s next for Rori?

‘I’m already working on a lot of new music. Not to give too much away, but I’m trying to go a lot more experimental with the next release and trying to push the boundaries of pop music into a slightly more uncomfortable realm.

I’ve also been doing a lot of work creating soundscapes and ambient compositions for fashion shows, art galleries, and museums, so that feels like a nice change of pace from making ‘real’ music. ‘

Rori’s Dream Crush is truly a must-listen. A musical maverick who is fast establishing himself as an innovator in the Alt-Pop genre.

A master of experimentation, this artist is certainly one to watch.

Listen to the Dream Crush EP HERE

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Written By: Jessica Rowe