Talented Trio Lohrd Snohw, Orange Bloom & Tom Shawcroft release single Everybody

They say teamwork makes the dreamwork, and in the case of track Everybody this is certainly true.

Everybody blends the soft, distinct vocals of Lohrd Snohw, with the grooving guitars & light BVs of Tom Shawcroft, topped off with the flawless production style of Orange Bloom.

A talented trio, these three work together in harmony to create a truly stand out single.

Everybody’s incredible artwork, made by @jinglespurs

Everybody is an accomplished Alt-Pop track, with an indie feel and hints of electro. The tune really is a balance blend of Snohw, Tom and Orange Bloom’s individual style and vibe, thrown into a pot and mixed to perfection by Orange Bloom and Tom Shawcroft respectively.

The three came together via the wonderful world of social media. Lohrd Snohw and Orange Bloom met on Daisie, an app designed to bring like minded creatives together. The duo soon enlisted Tom Shawcraft after hearing his single on BBC Introducing.

Tom Shawcroft

A match made in heaven, this earworm of a track is catchy, grooving and addictive. With an easy, light vibe that makes listening to it a real pleasure.

These three demonstrate immense potential, not only as individual artists, but also as a collective working together seamlessly and creating magic through music.

With support pouring in for the single from BBC Introducing Everybody is set to be a sure success for the trio.

Listen to Everybody HERE and get addicted

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