The best debut album of 2020, Kitty releases The Dark Age

The Dark Age is Kitty’s highly anticipated debut album. An 8 track project that demonstrates Kitty’s vocal and musical prowess.

Dark, distinct and decadent Kitty’s sound truly is like no other. 

Described as Dark-Pop Kitty combines a classic Pop influence with her haunting vocals, gloomy instrumentals and a deadly but sweet image. 

A true blend between light and dark, Kitty’s image, sound and style is in it’s own lane. 

Kitty comments-

“The Dark Age is the kind of music I’ve wanted to make ever since I started my journey with “Monaco”. It’s about decadence, destruction, the darkness that we live in, how I’m trying to make sense of it and how to find hope where the light leaks.”

It’s hard to believe that music of this quality comes from Kitty’s bedroom studio.

 Kitty was assisted remotely by some incredible musicians and producers when creating The Dark Age, collaborating with Dutch producer Daniel De Boiij on The Dark Age as well as classical flamenco guitarist Liron Dan, featured on the acoustic track Angeleno. Of course, heavily featured is her long term collaborator Dejan Visser who co-produced track Get Wild with Kitty herself. 

The Pop and commercial genres can sometimes feel much of the same, lacking any variety and innovation. Yet Kitty is bringing a sound to the scene that is the definition of original, an artist not afraid to challenge and push the boundaries of genre to create Music that is incredibly unique. 

A stand out act and the most stunning debut album we’ve heard so far this year.

Kitty is an incredible talent, with effortless style and an intriguing image. There is so much potential for this rising star, who has many exciting projects in the pipeline.

“You can expect me to definitely continue with more dark pop anthems – already started working on a new body of work and let’s just say it’s going to be journey to a whole new dimension.

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