Full of Female talent, All Me Part 2 visuals drop

The Talented Rebecca Garton dropped the visuals for her stunning single All Me Part 2

All Me was already an accomplished track from Rebecca Garton, a classic R&B single infused with soul, flair and style. And just when we thought it couldn’t possible get any better, along came Part 2, featuring a lineup of fearsome female talent that truly is the icing on the cake. 

All Me Part 2 includes catchy verses from and hooks from Ling Hussle, Alana Maria and Tia Carys. With perfect harmonies, smart bars and a totally 90’s music video Part 2 might be even better than the All Me original. 

The visuals are pure American R&B/Rap nostalgia, reminiscent of Lil Kim’s stunning Crush On You video (one of my favourite MVs of all time). 

The track is truly faultless and an incredible show of female talent. With iconic visuals to match what is one of the best collaborations we’ve heard all year All Me Part 2 is surely set for success.

I only hope Rebecca Garton starts to receive the credit she deserves for breathing new life into the classic R&B genre.

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Alana Maria

Tia Carys