2020’s most exciting New Artist- Lohrd Snohw

2020 has been an interesting year to say the least, and the Bunny Music team’s new artist discoveries have been just as exciting. 

I stumbled across Lohrd Snohw (aka Cazzie) whilst filtering through some music submissions and was instantly hooked. The minute I heard the rumbling beat and soft, easy vocals behind track I Don’t Know I realised this was something different. 

Lohrd Snohw isn’t an artist designed to fit genres or styles, her music transcends all tradition for an outcome that is truly like nothing you’ve heard before. Be it Art-Pop, Bedroom Pop or some other words that can be thrown around to describe Cazzie the outcome of Lohrd Snohw’s artistry to truly magical.

Her vocals the stuff of dreams, but instrumentals strangely sad, Lohrd Snohw finds a perfect balance between light and dark in her music. A middle ground between ethereal and haunting, I Don’t Know still remains one of the most unique and intriguing tracks I’ve heard so far this year. 

Uniqueness is not a term easily attributed, yet Lohrd Snohw is more than worthy of such a title. The best way to understand, is to listen. 

Another incredible woman making waves in the industry, we can’t wait to watch Lohrd Snohw grow, develop and succeed. 

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